Frequency: 6x/year
Rate Base: 850,000
Audience: 4.8 million*


Before & After

Special Edit Section: Best New Kitchen, Bath & Renovation Products
Editorial Feature: Modernism Showhouse
Ad close: December 19, 2017
On sale: February 13, 2018


The “Be Brave” Issue

Taking Risks with Color, Pattern & Design
Editorial Feature: Dallas Decorators Showhouse
Ad close: February 13, 2018
On sale: April 10, 2018


Masters of Design

Editorial Feature: Hampton Designer Showhouse
Ad close: April 17, 2018
On sale: June 12, 2018


The New Classics

Special Section: The 2018 New Trads
Editorial Feature: Southern Style Now Showhouse
Ad close: June 19, 2018
On sale: August 14, 2018


At Home for the Holidays

Ad close: August 22, 2018
On sale: October 16, 2018


Before & After

Special Section: Sneak Peek:
Hottest New Products at KBIS/IBS
Ad close: October 24, 2018
On sale: December 19, 2018

All content subject to change. Ad close for cover positioning is 2 months prior to ad close.
*Source: MRI Spring 2017; Base: Total Adults